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Our Mission
Promoting your health and our heritage in affordable and sustainable ways.

Our Mission
No one has to be worse off for us to be better off.

What You Do
You leave the hectic pace of the motorway at the N6/N80 junction in Tober.

What You Do
We make downtime possible and effective on your terms.


What ? Jeep tours and more in Offaly and beyond.
Who ? You, guided by a native.
Why ? A break from the hectic pace of the motorway and modern life
Where ? Tober Village, County Offaly, Ireland
When ? Whenever it suits you.
Why not? Read the list of thought provokers and ask yourself why not make space in your day to stop the world and get off in Tober
How ? Email or phone 00 353 87 7795920
"Bernie Moran of offers mystery tours through the back boreens of Offaly and Westmeath in her Wrangler Jeep. This impassioned devotee of creative history invokes the world around you as it was thousands of years ago. As she talks, the bungalows and silage pits fade away to be replaced by the shallow swampy lakes that may once have covered much of this land. A day spent driving around Clonmacnoise, Clonard and Durrow irrevocably alters ones understanding of the midlands. One begins to see the raised ring forts and ruined oratories as tiny islands navigable in little basket boats or along the Esker Riada. It’s the unfettered passion and innate understanding of groups such as that is so precious"

Manchán Magan Irish Times Go Magazine April 16th 2011  

Offaly offers everything from Mesolithic (c.7500-4500 BC) and Bronze age settlements and 9th century monastic sites to posh coffee and personal shopping. We invite you to select an option from the list provided or search the linked websites for places of interest to you. We can then build a mystery tour around your favourite places.

“Thanks again for the wonderful warm welcome to your part of the world. I will always have fond memories of the places we saw and the people we met with you.”
Mary from Canada

“Just read your impressive website.Tell me the truth:was I your first client? 'member how I used to ask for stories about Ireland? You were tops at telling me too, so I want to hire you as my "gabby cabby" when I get there!”
Connie from Kentucky

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Price and availability

Strictly by appointment. Email or phone 0877795920.

Jeep is registered as a limo under small public service vehicle regulations. Price is agreed in advance based on needs of guest (s). Attached leaflet is one option. See website for others options.


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